Promoted: Watch Now - Natasha’s Law Labelling Masterclass

Are you Natasha’s Law-ready? Natasha’s Law Masterclass available to stream now via labelling pros Planglow. 
Are you prepared for Natasha’s Law? This October, new labelling laws will come into effect to help better safeguard people with food allergies, intolerances and coeliac disease. This could mean big changes to your business and the ways in which you label your food and drink products. If this is all sounding like a logistical nightmare then fear not. Earlier this summer, working in partnership with the Food Standards Agency (FSA), labelling experts Planglow tackled your top allergen concerns via a full capacity online event which is now available to watch online

Planglow first began helping food and drink providers to get Natasha’s Law compliant back in 2019, when the legislation was initially announced. “The masterclass is the natural progression of this,” explained Plaglow’s marketing director Rachael Sawtell, “- and the aim of the session is to share our knowledge so that having watched the webinar, food businesses will feel confident in their own abilities to tackle the legislation with ease”. 

Planglow’s Natasha’s Law Labelling Masterclass includes advice from Arvind Thandi, Food HypersensitivityTeam Leader at the FSA. 

Through the masterclass the panel explores: what the legislation is, who it applies to and its impact on you; what to include on a label; microbusiness, supply chains and more; how to manage allergens; how to create legally compliant labelling (including possible pitfalls and future-proofing) - plus plenty of tips and resources along the way. Planglow’s Natasha’s Law Labelling Masterclasses is  available to watch via YouTube now