Focus: The Pantry platform

Blue Apple recently launched The Pantry to help make its online operations more efficient...

In 2021, Blue Apple launched The Pantry, a new in-house technology platform designed to improve, manage and take control of all of its online operations. The project was led and headed up by 2020 Acorn Award winner Josh Key and, since the launch, Blue Apple has benefited from annual savings and greater work efficiencies for the team. The new platform includes:

  • Sustainability and waste control management
  • Contactless customer feedback
  • Purchasing and team management
  • E-learning training
  • Employee assistance
  • Location marketing tools
  • Internal communications and social media
  • Online and hospitality app ordering
  • Who’s who at head office

Operations director Robert Millar said: “As a business, we have hugely benefited from having all of our systems on one easily accessible platform with a simple, centralised back-of-house system that links all of our internal technologies, allowing real-time results and continuous development. We are optimistic that we will continue to make further savings and efficiencies before the end of 2021.

“Prior to the launch of this portal, we had used a number of different systems and processes across locations that were time-consuming and costly. The purpose of this platform is to provide our teams with quick and simple access to all of the tools available, which in turn makes our team more time and business efficient. It really is a win/win for all!”

The Pantry enables real-time operational audits, instant customer feedback and clear communication channels, plus the control to bolt on or edit the platform to meet the evolving needs of a business. As a result, operational audits take an average of 50% less time to complete and free up valuable time to complete other vital tasks.

Environmentally, the teams now simply log their green data weekly via a smart device or desktop that reports instantly to head office. This process allows their Green Apple corporate social responsibility teams and operations teams to monitor and make real-time assessments of information like food waste, deliveries, charitable donations and more. The teams can then make real, tangible and transparent changes based on the data received.

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