Bartlett Mitchell hosts Inspiring Men Awards

Bartlett Mitchell launched its new Inspiring Men Awards’ to coincide with the recent International Men’s Day. They aim to recognise individuals who excelled during a particularly challenging time when the industry was negatively impacted by Covid-19 and Brexit. 

Open to all men across the business, team members were asked nominate the colleagues they felt had been inspirational and were making a positive impact. There were over 50 nominations, resulting in 24 winners. 

Among the winners was talent and team manager Murray Soper, who was nominated by a record 11 colleagues for his kindness, integrity, efficiency, patience and ability to motivate and inspire others. Executive chef Matt Petit was also nominated for “the joy he expresses in creating something delicious with his team”, as well as his passionate approach that inspires others to trust in their skills and not be afraid to experiment.

Wendy Bartlett, founder of Bartlett Mitchell, said: “It was truly heartwarming to read through the nominations. You often don’t get to hear the influence people are having on their colleagues and we learned a lot more about what some of our people are doing that often goes unnoticed and uncelebrated.

“It has been a challenging two years and the catering industry, in particular, has really struggled with problems imposed by Covid and Brexit. There are, however, many truly remarkable individuals who have managed to remain positive and not allow the gloom to affect their attitude or approach to life.”

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