Nicholls calls for help for hospitality

With government ministers meeting today to discuss further potential Covid restrictions in England, Kate Nicholls, CEO of UKHospitality, has called for action to be taken to aid the industry. The BBC reports that three options are being considered, ranging from low to high, with options including an 8pm pub curfew or even another lockdown.

Outlining the size of the problem, Nicholls said: “We know from previous lockdowns that it causes venues to haemorrhage cash. It costs £10,000 to close each site and a subsequent £10,000-per-month on overheads, and that was with full furlough and rate relief.

“The damage that closure wreaks on consumer confidence would also increase recovery time considerably, not least because it would be coming early in the year, at the slowest period of trading. Hospitality venues have invested huge amounts of money and resources to ensure a safe environment for customers and staff alike. Throughout the pandemic, businesses have always wanted to trade their way through to recovery and that sentiment is stronger now than ever.

She went on to suggest measures the government could take in order to help alleviate the pressure, adding: “Trading levels are so poor that the need for proportionate government support is already acute, and urgently necessary if businesses, jobs and livelihoods are to be secured. An extension to business rates relief and the lower VAT rate will help longer term planning and budgeting, but speedily delivered grants will be vital to short-term business survival.

“To minimise further damage, it is also crucial that the government gives as early a signal as possible about whether measures are to be imposed and what they might be, in order to allow businesses to salvage something from Christmas and the new year.”

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