A simple solution to new calorie labelling regulations

Civica is making it easier for contract caterers to meet the requirements of new calorie labelling regulations with its Saffron catering management software.

Under new regulations from April 2022, organisations in England with more than 250 employees, including contract caterers, local authorities and NHS Trusts, will be required to display calorie information to customers when choosing food items. This includes physical menus, online menus, food delivery platforms and food labels.

The Calorie Labelling (Out of Home Sector) (England) Regulations 2021 is designed to make it easier for consumers to make healthier choices when eating out.

For caterers, it means gathering all of the information needed to calculate calories for each individual menu item and then exporting that data to EPOS, labels, pre-order apps and other points of choice for customers. 

Civica Saffron already includes all of this information in the system, having been updated in 2021 to help caterers meet the requirements of Natasha’s Law. It means a simple solution to compliance, every time.

Andrew Pond, Business Development Director at Civica, said: “The new regulations might seem like a daunting change but with Civica Saffron catering management software, it’s easy to meet the new requirements.

“Saffron integrates data from supplier links (directly or via Erudus) to offer a wide range of information including costs, profitability, weight, allergen information, carbon value and calories. Nutrition data from McCance and Widdowson is also available and best of all, entering supplier information into Saffron once enables caterers to produce multiple outputs.

“Data can be provided to EPOS and pre-order apps, exported to labelling suppliers as with Natasha’s Law and displayed on our Wellbeing Portal, which has been updated to include calorie information for the new regulations.

“The Wellbeing Portal includes a public-facing URL where users can access menu details from anywhere to support better, safer food choices.”

Visit www.civica.co.uk/saffron-menu for more information.