The Dukes of Chippingdom – a cut above your average chip!

With the cold and damp of a grey British winter lingering on, what could be more comforting to your customers than a hot, tantalising plate of crispy, golden fish and chips?

We Brits love our fish and chips – our passion for this traditional dish is legendary. 

In the first lockdown, we turned to food for comfort with takeaway fish and chips proving the most popular [Foodhub May 2020] – sales figures for fish and chips more than doubled with a 208% increase in orders by May, topping the takeaway list.  By September, fish and chip sales had soared 22% in 2020. [ September 2020]  That put an extra 84 million portions on 2020 compared with 2019, totalling 466 million!

And the beauty of this heart-warmingly satisfying pairing is that it is equally enjoyed at home and in a wide range of out of home establishments, from pubs, casual dining and staff canteens, to fine dining restaurants and eat-in fish shops. 

To please customers and boost sales, make sure you pay as much attention to your chips as you do your fish by serving up the perfect chip – The Dukes of Chippingdom from Lamb Weston are super tasty, irregularly thick-cut to appear homemade and distinctive in character.  With feathered golden edges, and a richly rewarding taste, they are beautifully crispy on the outside – even though they’re non-coated – and fluffy on the inside.

In a consumer test^ a huge 72% said they’re willing to pay a bit more in a pub for a British sourced product – and since then, provenance has proved of even greater importance in these pandemic times.

The most important attributes of a chip were cited by consumers as having a crispy outside, being thick cut, with a fluffy inside and a having a hand-cut appearance – just like the Dukes of Chippingdom!

So keep it British, big it up on menus and bring on the Dukes of Chippingdom – proper British chips, cut from 100% British potatoes – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Available with skin-off and skin-on, they’re endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs, with an above average rating, are Red Tractor certified and gluten free. 

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^ Consumer survey, 9th September 2019, London. 42kg of chips sampled with 310 consumers