Meet the people behind Creed Foodservice

One national wholesaler and catering provider has managed to combine family values together with operational prowess, to grow from a 2-person start-up to a 300+ strong team, with 3,500+ customers, a 6,000+ product portfolio, providing national UK-wide coverage and making 600 deliveries, 6 days a week.

Chris Creed, CEO

I provide the vision for the future and the continuity from the past. Seeing the business evolve from just 2 people to a 300-strong team has been incredible – it’s our people that make me most proud to be CEO, and it’s thanks to them that we achieve a 99.3% industry leading service level.

Our business is unique as we not only hold onto our family values, but offer the operational dynamism of a national wholesaler.

Rob Owen, Executive Business Development Chef 

We live and breathe food and our passion is what makes us different. From unearthing and introducing new product innovations, to sourcing new produce and suppliers based on trends and customer requirements; we’re led by the food. 

I bring years of chef experience and practical food-based solutions to our customers, helping them overcome challenges such as reducing labour and increasing the skillset in the kitchen. 

Anna Clapson, Head of Insights

I support our customers when developing their catering operations through the latest in-market and consumer insights. We take a very tailored, individual approach with all of our customers. We let them know what they should be considering so they can stay ahead of the curve, whether that’s through new menu development, introducing new product ranges, or applying the latest trends to different cuisines.

Phil Vickery, Non Executive Director

Having grown up on a farm, my background is very much grounded in food and it’s given me a really good insight into the entire food supply chain. I now own my own restaurant, so bring to the team insight from a customer perspective too. 

I’m particulary passionate about Creed’s work in the education sector, where bringing healthy, nutritious food to life and inspiring the next generation to get excited about it is incredibly important.

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