Lexington wins £15m BT contract

Lexington has been named as BT’s workplace catering service provider with an annual contract value of £15m. Selected for its technical capabilities, diverse brands and drive to achieve zero-carbon, the caterer is now the sole provider for BT’s 56 sites across the UK and selected Openreach sites.

CBRE has contracted with BT to deliver outsourced services and has partnered with Lexington who are responsible for catering services across the portfolio. These range from hospitality and events, staff restaurants and coffee shops through to digital vending and micro-markets.

The partnership has plans to digitise the food experience for BT’s 80,000 employees and visitors. To support this, Lexington has developed food experiences that it says inspire and engage customers with technology, sustainability, wellness and health at the heart of their offering.

Neil Edmond, workplace director for BT, said: “Delicious, healthy food is critical for colleague wellbeing, with the consumption of it also generally offering people the opportunity to come together to enjoy each other's company and reinforce that sense of workplace community. We’re excited about putting great food at the heart of our business, boosting and digitising our customer experience in partnership with Lexington.”

Matt Wood, managing director of Lexington, added: “It’s great to work with progressive companies like CBRE and BT. We’re enjoying getting stuck into the challenge, coming up with innovative and creative ways to help them achieve their goals.”

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