Making the most margin from your centre of plate

With the cost of living crisis and food inflation affecting the food industry, there has been a lot of pressure on caterers to provide good quality and nutritious dishes at an affordable price for consumers. 

Bidfood, one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, has revealed what caterers can do to increase the profit from their meat offering, while still serving top-quality, delicious food. Bidfood’s meat experts have put together tips on how to utilise different cuts of meat, how to get the most out of a joint, as well as some ideas on what you can make with them. 

1. Get the most out of your joint 

When buying meat joints, consider the different cuts you can produce from them, and how they can be used across your menu. Take a silverside flat of beef; don’t just keep the joint as it is. Get the most out of it by creating three more cuts: braising steaks, medallions and a roasting joint. The roasting joint itself will serve four people!

2. Same animal, different cut

There are some cuts of meat and poultry that are just as succulent as their popular counterpart, but are better value and more versatile in the current climate. Chicken inner fillet is a great example of this, as this cut can be used in curries and pies, and placed on upcoming summer menus to create juicy burgers. 

3. Minced and diced 

Using minced and diced products is a great idea not just because of the ways you can adapt them, but because you can also achieve a higher yield from them. Boost your margin by bulking dishes out with veggies and pulses to create a sustainable, healthy meal that consumers will want to come back to. 

Watch the video here.