As the eagle-eyed among you may have picked up from the cover, we recently held our annual Contract Catering Awards (see page 24). The 12th instalment of the event, it was our pleasure to honour 15 industry heroes who have been doing their utmost to make the sector the incredible success that it is.

Talking of heroes, we were absolutely delighted to accommodate Chris Mitchell and Robbie Laidlaw, who I’m sure many will be aware recently completed a frankly brutal-sounding 38-day, 3000-mile journey across the Atlantic by boat. The Genuine Dining pair undertook the venture on behalf of Hospitality Action – and thanks to the amazing generosity of our attendees, we were able to raise a further £3,790 on the night.

On that subject, the industry’s premier charity is also the subject of this issue’s Big interview. Having weathered some extremely stormy seas during Covid, turn to page 12 to see what further fundraising initiatives the altruistic organisation has on the horizon.

The good news is that you can still contribute to Mitchell and Laidlaw’s tremendous total – which at the time of typing sits at almost £260,000. Just go to if you would like to put your oar in.