Eurest launches Kitchen Club

Eurest recently announced the launch of its new Kitchen Club. Employees at several major UK workplaces have already received virtual cooking lessons from professional chefs.

The caterer is offering Kitchen Club as an employee engagement benefit. It says initial feedback has been positive, with employees buoyed by a new experience and employers preferring the practical activity to purchasing external employee engagement programmes.

Kitchen Club teaches everything from knife skills to nutrition, with Eurest’s culinary director Ryan Holmes, along with other company chefs and nutritionists, leading employees through recipes virtually. The events can be held either live or as a pre-recorded session and are intended to act as a morale booster.

Holmes said: “Connecting people through food is incredibly fulfilling and exciting, especially with the UK’s ongoing Covid-19 restrictions making it harder for people to see each other and find entertaining ways to connect, engage and learn new skills.

“Employees genuinely enjoy learning about nutrition and improving their culinary skills. This also leads to healthier workplaces, where people are more aware of the nutritional content of what they’re eating.”