Levy partners with Peppermint

Levy recently announced an exclusive deal with the award-winning bar solutions company Peppermint. The partnership will see premium bar solutions being made available at sporting and music events taking place at Levy’s venues across the UK.

Founded in 2003, Peppermint has built a reputation for improving the quality and choice of drinks-led solutions at concerts, sports events and music festivals. It has developed long-standing client relationships over the years with the likes of AEG and Live Nation, as well as some of the UK’s best independent event owners and promoters.

Jon Davies, managing director of Levy UK, said: “As we begin to return to stadia and venues following lockdown, Peppermint will bring further premiumisation and choice to Levy events, while ensuring the dynamism and unique experience their team brings is delivered at scale. Peppermint also has an unrivalled expertise in designing and executing high-volume bar services at large-scale events, which Levy will tap into.”    

Adam Hempenstall, co-founder and director of Peppermint, added: “We are extremely excited about the partnership between Levy and Peppermint – it has incredible potential to further heighten the fan experience at sporting and music events around the UK. Peppermint and Levy share a passion for creating amazing experiences alongside a sense of privilege to deliver some of the UK’s greatest events.”