Desert island dishes

Alex Bailey
Executive chef, Fooditude

Steak and oxtail pie with suet pastry
This is a dish of pure luxury and winter warming. The time it takes to prepare and lovingly shred the oxtail from the bone, reduce the red wine cooking liquor and bake in a rich flaky suet pastry, served up with a zinfandel, is all you could ever need to banish a cold December night.

Thai green chicken curry and Jasmine rice
A clichéd dish in many ways, but one of such vibrancy, aromas and spice. It always leaves you wanting more, hunting that lingering heat and cutting kaffir lime.

Beef rendang
I adore the flavours of the far east and of Malaysia in particular. This classic curry, full of fiery red chilli and complex spices softened by kerisik, is a dish that transports me to another world.

This traditional Polish clear chicken broth with noodles is the taste of Poland and health. My wife is Polish and this dish is one we enjoy regularly at the weekends. It is a huge favourite with my boys.

Family roast
Food for family and sharing is what really makes me happy, cooking a big roast in the autumn and winter is an act of pure pleasure. Brining a chicken overnight, making a massive heap of Yorkshire puddings – and having to defend them with a ladle till dinner – all served up with a burgundy – what more can you ask for?

Sourdough pizza
Baking sourdough has been a long passion of mine and Friday nights are pizza night – and you just can’t beat a great sourdough. The perfect way to relax with a beer on a Friday night!

Barbacoa brisket tacos
The joy of mixing the different chillies and toasting the spices before dry-rubbing the meat overnight, then slow-cooking it on a barbeque for five or six hours, served up with pico de galo, homemade tortilla, guacamole, mole, charred peppers and corn, nachos and sour cream. A feast for all – and guaranteed smacking lips and happy grins.

Lemon tart
After all this, something sweet-is definitely in order! A great lemon tart with crisp short paste is a light, lip-smackingly great palate cleanser from the gods. A little slice of heaven!

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