Just Eat launches Pantry Supplies

Just Eat for Business has launched a new office supplies service, Pantry Supplies, to help power teams during their working day with tasty office supplies and snacks. Recognising the role food can play in transforming a team, by fuelling productivity, wellness and employee satisfaction, the service will provide customers with a range of supplies such as healthy fruit boxes, fresh milk, team drinks and chocolate. 

Available for offices located within London postcodes, Pantry Supplies can be tailored to specific business needs, headcount and budget, and can cater for dietary needs and preferences including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. With this bespoke service, businesses can ensure that they are ordering the right amount and type of food that employees in the office require to help keep food waste to a minimum. 

Matt Ephgrave, MD of Just Eat for Business, said: “Pantry Supplies aims to replicate the home fridge and cupboards, providing employees with all they need to be productive and happy while at work. It also provides an opportunity to build office culture and relationships as colleagues begin to recreate the ‘watercooler moments’ once more.” 

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