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If you are going to the LACA Main Event and Exhibition, here are some of the companies who will be exhibiting. Make sure you check them out – but if you’re not attending, you can find their contact details and what they’re up to at the event below…



iPRO Hydrate is an innovative healthy hydration drinks range with naturally nutritious ingredients in every bottle. The flagship hydration range is formulated with natural spring water and sweetened using a natural sweetener derived from the Stevia plant. Demand for multifunctional drinks is growing as health-conscious consumers become increasingly mindful of what they are drinking. iPRO Hydrate is rich in powerful antioxidant Vitamin C and contains a significant amount of B vitamins to support the body’s natural energy release. 

iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition is an Informed Sport certified isotonic addition to the range, formulated to rehydrate and refuel the body with added electrolytes. Both editions come in four fruity flavours: Berry Mix, Orange & Pineapple, Citrus Blend, and Mango. iPRO does not use caffeine or any stimulant ingredients to ensure their drinks are naturally hydrating and enriched for wellbeing.  

To also be showcased at LACA this month is iPRO Hydrate - Student Edition, their healthy alternative to fizzy drinks for children. The school-compliant range of flavoured drinks is specially formulated in line with Public Health England guidelines to keep children’s sugar and calorie intake at a healthy level.  iPRO Hydrate - Student Edition comes in three thirst-quenching flavours: Berry Mix, Mango, and Sour Cherry. As a company committed to sustainability, the full iPRO Hydrate product ranges are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials.

[email protected] 



The Kraft Heinz Company is one of the largest food and beverage companiesin the world. A globally trusted producer of delicious foods, we provide high quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, in restaurants or on the go. No matter the brand, we’re united under one vision: To sustainably grow by delighting more consumers globally

Here at Kraft Heinz Food Service we are dedicated to deliver not only the highest quality targeted solutions but also to support foodservice operators elevate their menu offering and grow their business long term. 

We’re proud to help operators working in the Education industry serve up meals that kids love. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make sure schools have the right products (in the right format and size!) so pupils can enjoy delicious and healthy meals every day. 

Discover our Permissible portfolio, ideally suited for schools. Whether it’s our nutritious No Added Sugar Beanz, our unmistakable Tomato Ketchup with 50% less sugar and salt, or our recently improved delicate Light Mayonnaise, the high-performing range enables chefs to create balanced meals that are easy to create, without compromising on flavour. 

Come and meet us at stand M24 to get all the tips and tricks on how to provide kids with healthier options. 

To know more about our high-performing products and how we can support and inspire you with marketing sales support, and innovative programs, contact us at [email protected]



Contact Love Joes to see how we are making our OCD work for us and our customers.

Many people say that the secret to success is hard work, and it’s definitely a huge part. It takes passion, creativity, energy, courage, and determination. We like to mix and blend the above with a bit of fun and believe the following statement sums us up… We’ve got Obsessive Chicken Disorder!

From the seed of an idea to the fully blossomed finished product, our team are absolutely obsessed with chicken. Creativity, innovation and boldness are the key ingredients that make our NPD step above the competition. The OCD team are constantly searching the foodie-world for fresh ideas and new ways to reinvigorate our customers menus.

From bespoke coated chicken products to skilled hand butchery, we make sure we meet the challenges set by our customers. Our investment in technology and the team means we’re ahead of the game. These investments also guarantee the quality, consistency and integrity of our products is exceptional.

With 19 marinades in every cut of Red Tractor poultry that you can imagine, couple with a wide range of bites, strips, mini fillets and fillets with excellent bun coverage coated in panko, southern buttermilk and Joes crunchy coating. Available in a fresh (marinated) frozen, standard and halal format there’s something for everyone.

All the above are manufactured in our BRC AA rated custom built facility, delivered direct to your door by Love Joes own fleet of vehicles and drivers backed by a knowledgeable sales team and eye-catching point of sale.

[email protected]

01922 745818



Princes Gate Natural Welsh Mineral Water, fresh from the Preseli Mountains. Our spring is special to us and for this reason we will always go to great lengths to look after it. There’s nothing we love more than a good Welsh downpour, a grey sky full of clouds. That’s because for every drop of rain that falls on the hills around us, begins its epic journey to becoming something very special. 

We harness the power of our wild Welsh wind, minimising our impact on the environment. We are powered 100% by Renewable Energy and are Zero to Waste. In 2020 we introduced our 100% rPET range, made 100% from recycled bottles. 

Princes Gate Mineral Water. Naturally Hydrating. Naturally Sustainable.

[email protected] 

07748 778154



SUSO launched in 2008 and is a leading brand in soft drinks within the education sector. SUSO is pure fruity goodness available in a range of five delicious flavours from ‘Forest Fruits’ to ‘Apple and Elderflower'. SUSO is school compliant sparkling juicy water in a sustainable can format that can be recycled again & again & again & again… 

SUSO champions #JunkFreeJuice with zero compromise on taste, SUSO drinks contain no artificial nasties, sugar or sweeteners, made with up to 60% fruit juice and fizzy H2O. SUSO is proud to be the only fruit carbonate brand that meets NHS guidelines of ‘1 of your 5 a day.’ Each delicious can is simply water + juice, that’s it! 

SUSO inspires people to make healthier choices to fuel their day, with a health driven, vibrant new look for 2021 which is centered on a powerful message to ‘Stand Up Stand Out.’ With a new emphasis on health and wellbeing consumers want the best of both worlds, flavour and health… SUSO provides the perfect balance of both. Increasingly consumers are demanding more from their beverages with a focus on added value and multiple functions. SUSO is proud to be ahead of the curve, with five zingy flavours that offer a multitude of health benefits.

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Soreen, the iconic British baker famous for the Original Malt Loaf has been fuelling the nation for over 80 years. And now, with their ever-expanding snack range, they offer a range of formats and flavours that provide healthier and tastier options for kids!

Soreen Lunchbox Loaves are great for primary school children. Being school complaint, they contain 50% less sugar than the average cake bar, provide a source of fibre, and are available in 4 fruity flavours, all under 100 calories each – great for the kids and great for parents too!

Soreen Fruit & Veg-Mmms are tasty bakes that are high in fruit & veg whilst containing less than 100 calories each. Ideal for squidging more fruit and veg into childrens’ diets. Available in Orange & Rainbow Carrot and Berry & Beetroot flavours.

For high school and higher education students, Soreen Loaf Bars are a tasty choice and great for keeping up energy levels on the go!. These bars are available in 3 delicious flavours – malt, banana and chocolate. Each 42g bar contains under l50 calories.

You can also rest assured that all of these products are vegan friendly and nut free making them suitable for a variety of diets.  

Come and visit us at LACA Main Event – stand number M82. We look forward to seeing you there!  

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Specialising in the education sector, William White Meats are a family-run butchers with a difference. As well as delivering fresh meat to sites in and around London, we manufacture tailored fresh and frozen products in-house to our customer’s exact requirements for distribution via wholesalers nationally.

What makes us different? We can source, manufacture, and supply you with a unique product made completely to your own specification. You define the following:

  • Accreditation (Farm Assured, Red Tractor, Free-Range, Organic, RSPCA, Local, Halal)
  • Species 
  • Shape (Sausage, Meatball, Meatloaf, Burger, Grill, Whole Cuts)
  • Recipe base (Meat Content, Gluten Free, Added Veg)
  • Flavour 
  • Size 

And we do the rest!  

We started in 1983 when Bill (William) White got a job as a Saturday boy in a butcher’s shop in East London. Bill worked his way up through the ranks, bought the business, and started to supply local schools. It felt good to be feeding children - Bill had a growing family himself. 

Tom, Bill’s son, soon followed in his footsteps and now manages most operations. Tom’s sister, Becky, following a career in medicine, has now taken over from her dad on procurement matters. Finally completing the trio came youngest sibling Sophie, who with a background in food marketing now drives NPD ensuring we always have an innovative selection of products to enhance your catering offering. It really is a family affair.

Customers say they need us because no one else does what we do. We have been involved with Food for Life for over a decade now, supporting school caterers in and around London with achieving - and sustaining - their awards. Now every single one of the school caterers we supply are on their own FFL journey.

Get in touch today to see how we can fulfil your specific requirements. 

Stand number: M52



EveryFridge: Williams unveils the Jade solution at LACA 2021

Huge choice of model styles makes Jade the most versatile refrigeration option PLUS: new range of energy efficient chilled Multideck merchandisers.

If you’re looking for a range of refrigeration that comes in a choice of formats, shapes and sizes that can fit every application, then Jade is the ‘EveryFridge’ answer.  Williams will be focusing on the Jade series at the LACA Conference.  The company will also be showing the R100-SCS chilled merchandiser, part of its range of Multidecks.  

The huge variety of different requirements that educational establishments have makes Jade the ideal refrigeration choice.  It’s available in upright cabinets, counters and undercounters, for both chilled and frozen storage, and there are Jade blast chillers and freezers, too.  

But that’s just the start.  

For example, suppose you have a kitchen with a low ceiling and restricted space.  A standard upright cabinet won’t fit.  What’s more, that low ceiling could give you ventilation problems if the refrigeration system is mounted on top of the cabinet.  The answer is the Jade 300U.  This ultra-slim cabinet has a compact footprint, can squeeze in to the tightest space and has the refrigeration system mounted at the bottom.  Despite its compact size, it has a 335.5litre capacity.  At the other end of the Jade cabinet range is the J2 – a two door cabinet with the capacity to hold 1295litres.  

Similarly, the Jade counter models are available in a dazzling choice of models, formats and widths.  No room for a standard counter?  The Jade Slimline range is only 500mm deep, so it can fit the tightest galley-style kitchen.    

For more information, talk to the Williams refrigeration experts on stand M34.

[email protected] 

01553 817 000

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