New frictionless bar at Wembley

Football fans attending the recent Carabao Cup Final experienced an enhanced Wembley Stadium, following a major programme of investment and refurbishment work over the winter period. In readiness for a series of high-profile events, the stadium team has implemented several upgrades to improve the overall fan experience.

One major change is the introduction of a new, frictionless bar, which will enable supporters to purchase drinks quicker and more conveniently. Bar Tap uses the latest technology so that customers no longer need to wait in line at a dedicated pay point. Users simply tap their card on entry, pick up what they need and walk out, without the need to wait.

More than 100 cameras in the shopping area track customers’ movements, calculate what they have purchased, then their cards on exit. Wembley is the first national stadium in Europe to introduce the frictionless retail service.

Chris Bryant, director of tournaments and events, said: “We are always looking at new and innovative ways to ensure Wembley Stadium maintains its status as an iconic, multi-purpose venue. We want all our guests to have the best experience possible.”

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