A REALLY Crunchy sensation!

REALLY Crunchy Fries - the latest innovation from Lamb Weston – the ultimate crunch sensation, holding their heat and crunchiness for 30 minutes.  These innovative, artisan-looking and tasting coated fries promise an unbeatable crunch sensation for unique sensory dining experiences.  Developed exclusively for the OOH channel, they are appealing to diners and entrepreneurial operators.

REALLY Crunchy Fries are the occasion fry for adding the ‘wow’ factor because of the theatre it can deliver.  It’s great promoted in summer as a ‘dirty fries’ menu option, or around Christmas party season as sharing food. No matter what your topping, these fries stay crunchy! Using a pea protein extract to give it that extra crunch, REALLY Crunchy is also totally vegan and gluten free.

This is an innovation that we’re really proud of at Lamb Weston each fry can deliver up to 16 crunches! We believe this offers a truly memorable dining experience and can offer a unique proposition for operators at a time where consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous when treating themselves.

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