New research reveals 74% of consumers say hygiene is the most important consideration when eating out. 93% of diners would feel reassured if pubs, restaurants, and takeaways took steps to update their equipment so that it can be cleaned and sanitised regularly. A simple swap from using cutter boxes and loose rolls to Wrapmaster® will have a direct impact not only on kitchen hygiene, but also consumer perception moving forward.

The award-winning Wrapmaster® range, endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs, is the simple solution to keeping kitchens and teams safe. The original and best dispensing system for film, foil and baking parchment, Wrapmaster® is easy to sanitise and can be 100% disinfected in a commercial dishwasher unlike cardboard cutter boxes and loose rolls which can absorb and harbour germs. Easy to use, Wrapmaster’s® concealed blade means hands are always safe and there is no risk of injury or cuts during service.

With improved hygiene and safety, isn’t it time your kitchen started using Wrapmaster®?