15m school dinners going in the bin

Schools are in turmoil as they have had to throw away 15m school dinners. With the nation in its third national lockdown, schools are in distress as they have had to throw away a week's worth of dinners.

National waste collections company BusinessWaste.co.uk was tasked with collecting the mountains of perfectly good although ultimately perishable food. Spokesperson Mark Hall said: “This is a national disaster and the government has well and truly let the schools down. They have allowed them to open and prepare for the weeks ahead, which of course means stocking the fridges high for this week’s school dinners, and now they are going in the bin.”

“The amount of food waste caused by a sudden lockdown is staggering. If they had been given warning then it could have been sent to other places, but now food banks will be overwhelmed and they typically only take non-perishable goods.”