For the UK’s 2 million allergy suffers, Natasha’s Law can’t come soon enough. It will mean that they can have complete confidence that the food they are buying is safe for them to eat. But, if you’re a business that prepares, packages and sells food onsite, there may be some work to do to ensure you meet the requirements of the new legislation.

Industry research by Brother found that just 20% of food businesses are completely prepared for Natasha’s Law. Brother, working with experts from NT Assure, Nutritics and Labelling Solutions, has created an in-depth ebook to help food businesses get up to speed with the new legislation and discover how they can achieve compliance.              

Available to download for free, the ebook covers:  

  • Details on the requirements of Natasha’s Law and which businesses must comply with the legislation
  • Guidance on achieving compliance, including employee training recommendations
  • Advice on which labelling solutions can aid compliance
  • The expert view on allergens laws and what the future holds.           

Download the ebook now