Promoted: Take a step towards sustainability

Wrapmaster’s® 98% recycled industrial foil

Wrapmaster’s® high quality recycled industrial aluminium foil is perfect for the demands of any professional kitchen. Its versatility means it’s suitable for lining, grilling and roasting because it has the same product properties as conventional foil, with no loss of quality or performance. 

The new foil is made from a 95% less energy-intensive production process compared to conventional foil. With just 5% of the energy needed, the launch makes the use of foil in professional kitchens significantly more eco-friendly.

Strong and durable, the new recycled industrial foil (made from post-industrial aluminium foil waste), is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly. Carbon savings increase every time the aluminium foil passes through the recycling loop, for a circular and environmentally friendly approach. Wrapmaster’s® recycled foil plays a pivotal role towards sustainable kitchen practice, whilst also offering operators, long term cost-effective solutions. 

Wrapmaster® recycled industrial foil refills are available now, for use in the Wrapmaster® 4500 and Duo dispensers.

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