Eurest promotes joint MDs

Eurest has promoted two of its most senior business directors to joint managing directors. Paul Williams and Nick Haynes, who have both worked for Compass for nearly 10 years, take up the positions, effective immediately, and are now responsible for the business’s strategic growth and direction. They will manage team performance, win new business and build relationships with existing clients to ensure contract renewals.

Although the pair will work closely together on Eurest’s business strategy and be aligned on company-wide themes such as sustainability, they are managing different sides of the business. Williams now oversees Eurest’s large, multi-site clients, including brands such as Amazon, Porsche, Virgin Media, British Airways, IBM and Heathrow Airport. Haynes, meanwhile, is managing the company’s single-site clients, which cover the length and breadth of the UK and include Bombardier, The Royal Mint, Halfords and Scottish Power.

Haynes said: “Although we were previously in similar director roles, Paul and I have a different knowledge base, experience and client set. The single-site clients I represent are smaller in size but far more numerous, whereas Paul’s multi-site clients are fewer but more complex. It means we bring unique skills, which we can utilise to comprehensively serve the various parts of the business.”

Williams added: “Nick and I have worked together for a long time and there is great synergy between us. This will be a great partnership to further the aims of the company.”

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