3 Key Challenges On Your Journey to Zero Carbon

Controlling and reducing the carbon emissions generated by your business is becoming more critical by the day. In a landmark report, the UN stated that the only hope of ensuring a "liveable future" is for humanity to halt the rise of planet-warming carbon emissions. This has, once again, placed businesses under the microscope and has made achieving net zero carbon a key focus for 2022 and beyond.

The Journey to Net Zero Carbon

The term ‘net zero carbon’ means reducing carbon emissions as much as possible and offsetting any residual emissions by removing greenhouse gases from the environment. Nutritics, the market leader in food data and technology solutions, believes there are three key challenges that food businesses need to overcome to achieve net zero carbon.

  1. Budget: Businesses are struggling with insufficient budgets and concerns over a low return on investment.However, there are considerable long-term savings and commercial gains predicted for those who do slash their carbon footprint. This includes increasing customer loyalty and avoiding future carbon taxes. 
  2. Supply chain: While individual businesses can make good progress in-house, it can be difficult to ensure that this is replicated throughout the entire supply chain. However, as government targets draw closer, there will be increased pressure on organisations to find cleaner supply chains. To get ahead, businesses should re-examine their supply chains today.
  3. Lack of knowledge: Without first understanding exactly where your emissions are created — and what processes can be used to reduce them — it is very difficult to make any real headway. However, there are resources available that can help educate and engage your team. 

Introducing Foodprint by Nutritics

Foodprint is a fully automated, easy-to-use carbon footprint scoring, display and reporting system that helps food businesses to save time and money spent on life cycle assessment (LCA) consultants. The system enables foodservice operators to better understand the impact of the food they serve, from field to fork, and make more informed, environmentally-conscious decisions about their supply chains.

Foodprint will officially launch June 22nd 2022!

Join our webinar on June 22nd for the official Foodprint launch here