SSP touches down at Colorado Springs

SSP America has been awarded a contract with Colorado Springs Airport (COS) to develop a portfolio of nine concepts. The line-up will include local restaurants celebrating the culinary landscape of Colorado, boutique concepts addressing the unique needs of passengers and national names offering broad, name brand appeal.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with SSP America and look forward to their plans for enhancing our travellers’ dining experience,” said Greg Phillips, director of aviation for COS. “The sense of place that will be created through SSP America’s local portfolio will not only support our community’s businesses, but will also give visitors a taste of what to expect in Colorado Springs.”

Kyle Phillips, vice president of business development for SSP America, added: “We’re all about bringing cool, authentic restaurants to airports that reflect a taste of place. We’re looking forward to redeveloping the portfolio at COS and continuing to be enthusiastic members of the community.”

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