New hospitality mental health tool launched

20% of workers needed to take time off due to poor mental health.

A mental health assessment tool has been launched to help hospitality employers quickly and thoroughly identify what is impacting the wellbeing of their workforce the most. It comes at a time when work-related stress and burnout are costing the UK economy £28bn and resulting in 23.3m sick days a year.

Following startling research that 20% of workers needed to take time off due to poor mental health caused by pressure or stress in the past year, Colin Minto, ex-vice president of talent optimisation for Marriott International, has designed an assessment tool to help employers identify which of the 15 drivers of human comfort and distress he has identified are having the biggest impact on their workforce. Once they have the data, individuals and employers can target these with focused interventions to build mental fitness and prevent burnout among team members.

Minto explained: “An optimised workforce drives revenue, profit, customer satisfaction, intent to recommend, and employee retention, referral and attraction. And with the impact of the pandemic and the global cost-of-living crisis still prevalent, those with the most engaged workforces are differentiating themselves and accelerating their own growth.”

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