Lexington launches delivery service

As organisation’s adapt their schedules and premises to the new normal, Lexington has expanded to provide deliveries to businesses across London. Extending access to the caterer’s nutritionally balanced menus to meetings and events, LexUnboxed enables businesses to keep clients and staff sustained and well nourished – whether they’re internal, external or virtual. 

The new service delivers to businesses across London. Those located within two miles of Lexington’s city kitchen can also order on Just Eat for Business. Safely packed, and available individually or for groups of six or more, it provides premium catering for meetings and events throughout the day.

Fabrico Aguilar, marketing manager for Lexington, said: “As London adapts to the post-pandemic landscape, we’re seeing more and more organisations scaling down premises. As a result, more meetings are being held off-site, or in less traditional locations.

“Added to this, businesses now tend to have a highly mobile workforce with a growing emphasis on health and wellbeing. Therefore, it’s important that when staff and clients get together, the food reflects this, while at the same time catering for diverse dietary needs.”

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